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Amy – The Model Sheep

A couple of years ago Marks & Spencer’s Autumn/Winter clothing collection was showcased by supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whitely. This year, the model strutting her hoof was none other than Amy the sheep.


Amy is the 7-year-old diva of Roger Reynolds, who told the Daily Mail that ‘Amy is wonderful, and so intelligent’ – clearly not just a pretty face. Sheep are indeed very intelligent animals who are exceptionally good at recognising faces. British researchers found that sheep can recognise 50 individual sheep faces, and remember them for more than 2 years!

Amy has raised over £45,000 for charity, and has met many celebrities – so it’s fair to say that she has done a little more than most of us did at her age! But despite her fame and philanthropy, there are a few other sheep vying for her title of ‘most famous sheep’


One sheep who can stake a claim for being the most famous sheep is Dolly. She was the first mammal clone produced from a cell taken from an adult body! She had three mothers (one provided the egg, another the DNA, and a third carried her to birth).

Dolly was featured in TIME magazine, and was even dubbed ‘the world’s most famous sheep’ by the BBC! After her unfortunate death, she has left behind a legacy that has led to the cloning of many other animals such a pigs, deer and horses.

World’s Most Expensive 

The world’s most expensive sheep sold for £231,000 in August 2009! This UK sheep must be in the running for being the most famous sheep – after all, he cost the price of a house!


Whether you’re a fan of Amy, Dolly or the world’s most expensive sheep, it’s great to see these sheep getting in the limelight of the media.


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