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Wool Bedding – The Benefits

Wool has been used for thousands of years for a myriad of reasons. This is because wool has an abundance of beneficial properties. One use of the natural material that was popular throughout the 1800s was wool bedding, which is having somewhat of a resurgence in recent years – here’s why…

Temperature Regulation

Sheep live in a vast variety of habitats – from the highlands of Scotland to the outback of Australia. As a result, their wool has evolved to keep them cool in Canberra and hot in Hibernian! This is also precisely what it will do in your bedding – duvet to mattress!

This leads to a better night of sleep – scientists have found that the key to a better kip is better heat regulation!

  • When it’s cold at night, the wool fibres trap air, which increases insulation
  • When it’s warm at night, the wool draws moisture away from your skin, cooling you down

And the best part? Normal duvets have one heat rating, causing problems for couples who prefer different temperatures. However, wool duvets control the temperature of anything that is directly next to it, meaning that both partners will be happy!



One of the main benefits of wool bedding, and wool in general, is that it is hypoallergenic. Hypoaller-what? This means that it is very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction (read more about wool’s hypoallergenic properties here)

  • Wool can absorb and desorb moisture as and when it needs to, which in nature can help to keep sheep dry (preventing bacterial growth)

Another extremely beneficial quality of the natural drying of wool is that it prevents dust mites, which can’t live in this dry environment.


So if you get too hot (or cold) in bed, or you’re just sick of counting sheep, you should be in the market for some wool bedding. I’m talking duvet, pillows, mattress – even the bed itself!

Many wool-only bedding companies are flourishing thanks to the benefits of the natural material – wool.


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